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Charity, a consultant with over ten years of experience, helps businesses like yours unlock the true potential of technology. She streamlines processes, identifies the perfect tech solutions, and optimizes your investments to drive success.

In today's rapidly evolving tech landscape, partner with Charity to gain a competitive edge. She'll guide you on a clear path to achieving your business goals. Ready to revolutionize your operations?

Leverage Technology to Build Sustainable Businesses

A Successful Digital Transformation Needs A Strategy

After my extensive 4-month digital marketing masterclass, I had internships with 2 companies but I still felt there was a gap between the skills and knowledge I have and what I was doing.

She offered me a role in her reputable firm, eschoolfinder, as a Marketer, and under her tutelage and guidance, I felt I was actually practicing and utilizing my business and digital marketing skills and knowledge due to the roles assigned to me and the tools needed to execute each role. She also exposed me to the world of automation.

Her guidance and mentoring is not only limited to your role but spread across other spheres of life such as education, relationship, etc.

Felix Nyarko

Digital Marketing

I had the pleasure of working alongside Charity on the AYA Web 3 Fellowship, where she served as an exceptional team lead for Team 3. Charity’s leadership, dedication, and ability to collaborate with others made her an invaluable asset to the team. She consistently went above and beyond to ensure that our team was successful, and her positive attitude and work ethic were truly inspiring. Thanks to Charity’s efforts, Team 3 was able to achieve remarkable success on the fellowship. would highly recommend Charity to anyone looking for a talented, dedicated, and skilled team member. She would be an asset to any organization or project, and I have no doubt that she will continue to excel in her future endeavors

Elorm Ofori

Operations Manager at Innovation Spark

I had the pleasure of working with Charity Akpabey at Ayaversity, where she served as the lead product manager for the StakePro project. I was impressed by her articulate and charismatic personality, as well as her deep passion for technology.

Charity demonstrated a keen willingness to learn, especially in the areas of web3, and was highly adept at working with cross-functional teams. Her interpersonal intelligence and cultural sensitivity also stood out, as did her unwavering commitment to seeing her tasks through to completion.

I highly recommend Charity for medium to large tech projects, particularly those involving web3 technology. She maintains a positive attitude and is always willing to go the extra mile to achieve success.

Ozor Awachie

Blockchain Engineer and Business Systems Analyst

I am pleased to recommend Charity Akpabey for any professional opportunity that comes her way. I had the pleasure of managing Charity for about six (6) months and in that time, I was impressed with her work ethics, positive attitude, and ability to tackle any challenge with creativity, team spirit, impeccable leadership style and enthusiasm.

No doubt, Charity is an excellent communicator, both in written and verbal form. She always kept me in the loop on project progress and timelines, ensuring that tasks were completed on schedule and to the team’s standards. Her attention to detail and thoroughness were instrumental in the success of several complex projects worked on.

Beyond her work skills, Charity is a highly respected and well-liked team member. Her ability to collaborate and foster productive relationships with colleagues and stakeholders was a key asset to the team dynamic that left many in awe. She’s intelligent, approachable, empathetic, and always willing to lend a helping hand.

Charity is s an outstanding professional who would be an asset to any organization, she’s best at what she does. I highly recommend her without hesitation and am happy to provide further information if needed.

Janet Omokhunu

Program Manager, Ayaversity

As a professional product/program manager, I worked as a coach on the team that developed the decentralized application; StakePro.
In no time, Charity quickly gained the trust of her team and became the lead Product Manager who led the 21-member cross functional team to the end. I am particularly impressed with the resilience and consistency that she displayed on leading the team. Her brilliance and eye for data-driven decision making stood out during Sprint Review, Daily Stand ups and documentations. I was not surprised when the team and project came as the winner in the final demo presentations. I am very confident in Charity’s leadership and she would no doubt bring value to any team or project.


Adeyinka Onasanya

Technical Product Manager

Charity is an exceptional Digital Business Consultant. Her wealth of knowledge when it comes to what she does is phenomenal. I am not surprised the first book she authored is on Technology. If you looking to engage with an expert to help you run a Digital strategy for your business, Charity is your best bet!

Mary A.S. Dickson

Marketing Manager, NALO Tech Solutions

Charity graciously accepted to be a panelist at CadanaPay Ghana’s first webinar series on “The Future of Work: Worker Wellness and Business Digitalization”, which I moderated. Her contributions were informed with insights from data and statistics and learnings, national and global industry trends, and her own career experiences. She delivered all this information while providing refreshingly practical guides for SMEs at all stages of the digitalization process. She also was conscientious to periodically highlight Cadana and the ways in which the company assists business to streamline operations and digitalize. In today’s speak, she understood the assignment. We are grateful, Charity. I definitely hope to work with you in some capacity again.

Dedo Doku

Operations Manager, Cadana Pay

Charity is an experienced researcher who specializes in demographic research. I have watched her build a niche for herself since 2015. Her analytical skills for both qualitative and quantitative research is noteworthy. She does her work with dedication and is an excellent team player. I recommend her for any social research role.

Clement Sefa-Nyarko

PhD Candidate (History of Political Institutions in Resource-Rich Countries)| International Development Consultant| Research and Evaluation Specialist

We are grateful to have Charity on our team. She is a leader, visionary and selfless. Her global impact is going to change generations forever. What I love most about Charity is that there is no obstacles too big because her vision and conviction is bigger.

W.E. Da’Cruz

International Consultant at United Nations Economic Commission for Africa & Cofounder VGC Group

Charity is an inspiration. Yes, we may say this about lots of people but I have met few people truly dedicated behind the scenes to a cause they are championing. Charity is bold, hardworking, and extremely innovative with a story that begs to be heard.

Jemima Addo

Marketing at Blossom Academy (Data Science Training Institute in Africa)

Charity’s recommendation without a pun would be incomplete. She is a forward-looking bundle of resource with grit and inherent resilience. On tasks, she is a self-starter with a heart so large to handle any weight, size and depth.

Cephas Kotey

International Trade Advisor at Zurcom International

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