Digitilization is transforming our world as we know it, and education is no different. Passionate about bridging the education gap in Africa through edtech, eSchoolfinder was born. It is a one stop-hub for young parents to find the best fit schools and educational resources for their wards.

About 3 years ago, I made a daring career move to become a  9-5er. Though it was a very necessary change to help take care of my family, it meant I had to find a good school for my last child; a place where he would be well taken care of.

That was when the struggle started, we literally had to move from one place to another with no success of what we are really looking for. As we drove through Accra with little success, I began to wonder if we could get a little help if we had.

ESchoolfinder was born! Eschoolfinder is a labor of love born out of necessity to help parents and students like you find educational resources like a school, tutor, classes, books etc. We started building our software just about a year ago and even though we are still in the pilot phase, we have been connecting children and students to find tutors.

Today, we have a little over 500 tutors in our database with qualifications from child-friendly subjects to professional subjects. We also have a growing list of private schools. You can trust us the next time you are looking for a tutor or change a school for your ward.

The Problem 

We knew that just like us, parents and schools were facing these challenges:

In the first place, after paying full admission fees for two different schools, we felt we had wasted money. Honestly, we still did not find what we were looking for. Even after finding the ‘perfect fit’, we wondered if there was a better school. Also, like our partner schools, we are certain that there are different parents (stay at homes, business owners, busy corporate executives et cetera) with different needs, looking for good schools. However, these categories of people may not be able to locate the most appropriate schools best suited to their needs. Any ardent follower of industry trends would have noted unequivocally in the media landscape, especially in the year of return that, the biggest concern of many people of African descent in the diaspora, who have considered settling in Africa, is a good school that will cater for their child’s needs. More often than not, people wonder if there are any such resources.

According to AfDB, the middle class is about 30%, juxtaposed with a growing urban rate of about 50%. There is a rising demand for such necessities of life as quality and resourceful educational facilities among these growing numbers, particularly in urban dwelling places.

The Solution

After conducting extensive research on such resources, without any luck, we decided to develop a solution. eSchoolfinder is a digital resource center on schools and tutors, with an important feature of a directory to help parents, guardians and students find the best resources. Schools are enlisted on our platform on a rolling basis. And although we may not have all schools on our portal at the moment, the numbers keep growing. You can contact us to help you find a school or tutor: please click here.

With seventeen years of concerted work experience in web and app development, education policy, parenting, digital marketing, programs and operations management, we have skillfully created this platform, aimed at highlighting the best schools in Africa, to satisfy various needs and expectations.

READ MORE ABOUT ESCHOOLFINDER HERE: eSchoolfinder: The Startup Solving Educational Needs. – Magazine by eSchoolfinder (emagazine.live)

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