Several years before I enrolled at the University of Ghana – the nation’s Premier University, I had already birthed my first child. I was blessed with the gift of parenting at a very young age. And as a matter of fact, for almost half of my life, I had to worry about another human being. It was pretty early, right? I still do it gleefully, anyway. So believe me when I say ‘I know how you desire to see your child have a better life than you’.

My parents did not have the privilege of formal education. They therefore decided to sacrifice everything they had to give their children the best education possible. They had to take us (my sisters and I) to the best school in our district at the time, even if it cost them anything. In addition to that, my mum paid top private tutors to help my sisters and I master subjects like mathematics, science and english, just so we would excel and become better human beings. 

I graduated as one of the top 5 students in my year group with aggregate 7, following a successful Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE). My experience, coupled with what my parents did for us, made me appreciate what any parent can stomach for their child. It also taught me the importance of EXTRA! I began to understand the importance of extra tuition and how it impacts the overall performance of a child.

During my first year in  Senior Secondary School (SSS), I struggled with elective mathematics. However, through extra tuition and hard work, I came first in my class and eventually scored an A in the final West African Secondary School Certificate Examinations (WASSCE).

Research shows that extra tuition increases the overall performance of a child in school, mainly because of increased supervision and tailored one-on-one lessons. If you are wondering what high grades will do for your child, I will say, you really do not want to risk it. A high performance grade will get your child in front of the best opportunities on any day. 

Recently, my husband and I had to go through so much frustration to find schools, tutors and other educational resources. From that experience, I knew I would be the right parent to partner with you. So trust me when I say education is very personal to me. During my graduate studies, I was blessed to pick courses in education. The more I get exposed to the numbers & stories, the better my knowledge increases on how dire the situation is.

For instance, in a 2018 World Development report by the World Bank Group (,   In low-income countries, less than 5 percent of students in late primary school score above the minimum proficiency level for reading. This figure lies at 14 percent for mathematics. In sub-Saharan Africa, less than 7 percent of students in late primary school are proficient in reading, against 14 percent in mathematics. Looking at this report, it is easy to point a figure at the government to help solve the problem in our countries. However, we parents as stakeholders have a crucial role to play in our children’s education and future.

Also take a look at this study by Hannan Morsy and Adamon N. Mukasa, ( They believe strongly that there are high unemployment rates in Africa mainly due to skills mismatch. As a person who has been unemployed for many years, I agree with them that most young people may not have the right skills to help grow companies on the continent.

I am more convinced that quality education is not an option anymore. Everyone deserves to be in a school offering top-notch education. And so, even though eschoolfinder is new, our vision is not. It was birthed and nursed over a long period of time. 

Today, with an able team of specialists, marketers and advisors, with a collective experience of over 30 years, we are ready to partner with you to tackle an age long issue. So I am telling you that our solution will help increase you and your child’s prospects. You deserve a chance at the best. Let’s do this together now! 

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A little bit about my work

As long as I can remember and at the onset of my career, I have taken very keen interest in digital tools and strategies. My work as a Brands Manager for my company then took me to conferences, seminars, online courses and what have you. I was very curious to know how brands position and win online. 

I took courses, interned in different prestigious organisations and also used a business where I started to learn digital strategies. Over the years I have grown better and more efficient, and I can now confidently call myself a digital strategist. I have a deep understanding of how one can use digital tools to achieve business goals and that is what I would love to create with you.

Education also is the reason I decided to choose to work on a project like this. Aside from being a beneficiary of great education, I have enjoyed the privilege of working on an educational project for my company, from scratch. To be honest with you, running a successful educational institution takes more than having the capital to start a school. And seeing your child excel requires more than just having enough money to send them to school. There are factors you must consider. And that is what we want to create with you.

I helped my company (an international business consulting firm) create an executive education from scratch and watched as we enrolled our first to the next and next student. The institution; VGC University is created as an executive education for global entrepreneurs; experts like VGC co-founders and other global successful entrepreneurs came together to share knowledge to help new business owners. My work was to help in building all digital systems and also help the market to bring new students to the schools.

Even though this school is located in the US, I thought deeply about how to contribute to the education industry in Ghana and Africa. I know the tools and the systems but I also know it is about time to create something wonderful with you.

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