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My name is Charity Akpabey, and I have a feeling we may have crossed paths at a recent event. I wanted to share a bit about my tech journey and the exciting work I’m currently involved in.

You see, I took a leap of faith and left my job as a Brands Executive to embark on an incredible adventure. I joined an all-women coding program, and that decision ignited a fire within me. Now, as the Tech and Automation Lead at The VGC Group, a renowned global IT company with locations in Detroit, New Jersey, and Accra (where I have the pleasure of heading the team), I have found my true purpose.

I collaborate with brands to develop a business strategy that seamlessly integrates a comprehensive digital strategy, strategically leveraging cutting-edge technology. This approach will empower them to drive sustainable growth, optimize operational efficiency, and explore novel pathways for innovation.

My skill set encompasses a range of areas including digital business strategy, business analysis, product management, and project management. I thrive on building growth strategies that can help take your digital business to new heights.

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But my passion goes beyond individual success. I firmly believe that Africa has the potential to harness digital disruption and transformation to bridge the digital literacy gap among women and youth. That’s why I took it upon myself to write Tech Hustle, a powerful initiative aimed at empowering the youth to learn digital skills. This amazing intiative which  I just started is aimed at reaching 1 million young adults across Africa.

Now, I’m reaching out to you because I believe collaboration is key. Together, we can champion this cause and make a real impact in the lives of countless individuals. If you have any ideas, suggestions, or if you’re simply interested in connecting and exploring ways we can collaborate, I would be absolutely thrilled to hear from you.

And if, by any chance, you attended an event where I had the opportunity to speak recently, I would be honored to hear your thoughts and insights.

Let’s join forces and create a brighter future through digital empowerment. Feel free to reach out and let’s start making a difference together.

Send an email to or use this link to book me for your next event.

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