Tech Hustle


I like to call this fictional piece my gift and contribution to society. The book which combines friendship, romance, and zeal, details a series of recollections of a young African girl named Serwa. The story is also about a young group of friends who are determined to change the world around them.

This book is dedicated to young people who are looking for information and inspiration to navigate life. Through Tech Hustle; I wish to communicate to you that you can be anything you have to be and leave a legacy for your generation.


Tech Hustle is a fictional story set in various locations in Africa, UK and America with lots of important lessons for young people looking for inspiration in choosing a career in technology. It tells the story of a young African girl named Serwa who battled insecurity and poverty to become a successful tech executive.

In the book, we follow Serwa recount her life journey from a child in a village called Teasekrom to building a Fintech Company in Africa. The book tackles important lessons like friendship, love, serendipity, perseverance and the trends of the new technology revolution in Africa with its accompanying challenges.  It also emphasises the new industrial revolution and encourages how both African governments, organisations and young people can take part to create a pathway of prosperity for everyone.


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