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I wrote Tech Hustle with the aim of getting the book into the hands of every young person anywhere in Africa and beyond to begin to think seriously about the life ahead of them. My intent is to get them to dream bigger irrespective of their geographical location.





I understand that not every youth will be able to afford “Tech Hustle” and so we created this donation page to anyone who would like to get the book to these wonderful people.

I have decided to donate part of the book sales to be used for this, however our efforts will yield bigger results when we involve anyone to join us in making this possible.

But that is not all…

Some years back, I decided to quit my job as a Brands Associate to join a year-long coding fellowship. At the time I did not have a laptop to use. Luckily the organization helped us with laptops.

A little challenge with this arrangement was that in a bid to keep the laptops for the next user, we were not allowed to keep or store our work since you are not guaranteed you will be given that same laptop when you come another day. This sometimes means you lose your work or inconsistency in your progress.

In order to reduce these unpleasant experiences, I resorted to spending nights at the hub just to finish my work. Gosh, how I wish I took photos of those times.

Fast forward, I go on to Twitter and I see young people asking for laptops or funds to buy an online course etc. This makes me remember my personal struggles in the past and then later on I started thinking of what I can do to help. 

In Tech Hustle the book, I combined my love for stories and desire to reach out to young people to create what I have now.



How your funds will be deployed:


  • Distribution of free books
  • Help youth having financial difficulty with tech gadgets
  • Help buy online/offline courses for youth with financial difficulties
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