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Tech Hustle is an exciting and inspirational work of fiction created purposely for the young and creative mind. This 115-page book details the humble beginnings of a young tech executive called Serwa from her childhood to the time she ends up building her successful tech business. It also covers her inner thoughts, failures and desires along her difficult life journey.

In this book specially made for 10-19 year olds (teenagers), Charity combined her love for story-telling and desire to reach out to young people to create an inspirational piece of work.

This book was created to help the reader draw inspiration from the life of a young girl who came from very humble beginnings yet was determined to make something out of her life. She did this by taking advantage of the power of technology, powerful networks and pure determination.

My argument for writing Tech Hustle is to challenge young readers to take charge of their lives now while they can still afford to make mistakes and correct them. Young people whether in Africa or beyond must be daring enough to create global businesses and careers.

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Motivation behind the book

Personal stories

I have always told myself that if I were to ever write a book, it must be a letter from my heart. A letter from my heart to young people; a special demographic I care about. When the idea of “Tech Hustle” came up in my mind, I knew I had to get started on it. How else can I put a powerful message across without getting emotional or getting it messed up or anything.

A few years ago, I was once young and confused and did not know what to do with my life. It was a very difficult time because I knew I had life and energy and could do anything I wanted but what on earth should that be? I asked repeatedly. In that state, I had already finished my college degree and was waiting to get a masters degree. One day, once at work, I chanced on a guy building a website for my company and got curious. That is how my tech journey started.

The whole process got me thinking: what if someone had reached out to me earlier to talk to me about tech being another career option I could consider? What if I understood that basic programming skills are fast becoming a requirement for most promising job/career opportunities? Or, better still, what if I had a book like Tech Hustle in my time? I probably would have made some key decisions earlier.

Stories Around Me

It was a normal day joining the periodic town hall meeting by African businessman, Dr. Strive Masiyiwa. I then chanced on the wonderful and inspiring story of Software Engineer, Ms. Salamina Katleho Mofube, of Resolution Circle, South Africa, who is also an IT Instructor.

Ms. Katleho, a domestic worker who was residing in the poorest neighbourhood in Soweto, South Africa, had just a senior high certificate. She could not continue to university mainly because her parents could not afford it.

Just like heaven will allow it, a friend told her about a free “computer thing” happening in the library. According to her, she was very sceptical, but took that trip to the library out of curiosity.

And that was how she was introduced to codes. She got hooked and learnt how to code, day and night. She became a software engineer, rising as the first person to break the unemployment cycle in her family.

This is what Ms. Katleho had to say, “Times are changing! Information Technology is taking over so the world needs to focus more on teaching young people how to use computers. Unemployment is on the rise and we need skills that are relevant and current because if you learn one step today, tomorrow you would need to learn 10 steps more”

Using her life as an example, if she did not take that step many years ago to learn how to code, she would not have to be here.

She hopes that the future generation starts learning digital skills today. We need more people to actually be part of the digital world. Ms. Katleho created her digital party, and her desire, just like many successful people today, is to give this opportunity to more young people.

Who Needs To Read Tech Hustle

This book was originally created for young persons between 10-19 years (teenagers). However, people outside of these age brackets who love to read or are just looking for a dose of inspiration on their bookshelf can grab a copy

An excerpt from ivy barley’s foreword


Being a tech entrepreneur, working in a big tech company and a builder of tech communities, I have first-hand experience of what it takes to succeed in the tech industry. Through my work, I have positively impacted the lives of thousands of young Africans to get started and keep going in tech.


I wish I had a book like this to read while growing up.

Charity Akpabey


The book talks about the inspiration that comes with becoming a Tech executive. A part of this book also talks about the struggles Tech executives go through to reach their goal. It is pointed out clearly in this book that sometimes the very people that are supposed to support you by inspiring you, can break you. But it is he who believes in his own dream that prevails.

Genevieve Appiah Takyi

Lead Volunteer-Young Global Leaders Network (YGLN) Bsc Information Technology Ghana Communication Technology University

Technology continues to affect every aspect of our lives. Feeding the world and saving the planet yet the key talent needed to succeed in this field is profound.

In the book “tech hustle” by Charity Akpabey highlights an inspiring story of a young daring serwa who despite her poor background challenged herself  to pursue higher education but most importantly actualizing her dream career in technology.

Young Serwa demonstrates that it is not enough to dream, but with hard work, resilience, patience, the right attitude, focus, determination and persistence, one can succeed especially in exploring careers in tech.
The book is clear and concise, inspiring and easy to read.

I highly recommend this book to all parents, teachers, head teachers, Junior High school institutions,  senior high school institutions, students and all individuals who are passionate about helping the next generation of tech pros in Ghana.

Matilda Asantewaa Sampong

Country Chapter President Young Global Leaders Network. Founder, Stem Ghana Initiative

“Awesome storytelling and a fresh, brilliant piece of work. Away from the lessons it teaches on hope, resilience, confidence, dreams, ambitions, Ubuntu among others, the writer casts a lens on Africa’s burgeoning tech industry and STEM laced with brilliant storytelling- the unimaginable potentials and opportunities it presents, especially for women and girls. It tells the story of a young girl from rural Ghana and her dream of redefining tech on the continent.”

Nana Akua Frimpomaa Amofa

Communications Director (Annan Capital Partners)

This is an exciting story of an ambitious girl who, though unprivileged, rose to prominence by determination, fate and dogged brilliance. Her response to Miss Renee, “I want to do something, something big in maybe Science, or Mathematics. I want to meet the children like me that I see in Spelling Bee competitions, and I want to go to a place away from Teasekrom where I can see new things. Like the people on TV. I don’t know, teacher, I think I want to do a lot”,  is a candid reflection of the sentiments of many young people across the continent of Africa. With a storytelling canvas, the writer paints a picture of the reality of many undiscovered juggernauts, who are hidden in the womb of hinterlands in Africa. This book gives hope, highlights tech, inspires bravado, instills confidence and breathes possibility to empower its reader. It is an intentionally baked piece of work any youth must consume.

Cephas Nikoi Kotey

International Trade Advisor (Zurcom International Ltd)


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